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ATEM Mini stand

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This product has been discontinued and may no longer be available from the retailers below.

Your perfect rig

With mounting points along the sides, back and top, you can attach a wide range of accessories to your stand.

Built-in cold shoe

The top cross bar has a built in cold shoe mount so you can attach wireless mic receivers and other accessories directly to the stand.

Top monitor mount

The top cheese bar can hold a Smallrig 1842 monitor mount to attach a 7" or 10" monitor on top of the ATEM Mini.

Various mounting options

The rear has an additional cold shoe mount as well as screw holes for attaching various Smallrig plates or other accessories.

Attach wireless receivers and more

Use the cold shoe mounts to attach a Hollyland Mars 400 Pro or the Rode Wireless Go II receivers for the ultimate wireless connectivity.

Space for another ATEM

The stand raises the ATEM Mini up just enough to place another ATEM Mini below it.

Clean cable management

The cables from the lower ATEM Mini will run underneath the rig to keep your desktop clean. Use short HDMI cables and a flexible USB-C cable to keep the cables in the rear clean.

Optional Retaining Clips

The new (optional) retaining clips hold the ATEM Mini securly in place when you need to be sure it won't move around on a job.

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Optional Rear Support

The optional rear support foot provides additional stability when using larger monitors or attaching a lot of accessories to the rear cold shoes.

Purchase: EU / Worldwide, Oceania / Asia, US / CANADA, UK, Italy

Space for a Stream Deck XL

You can also place a Stream Deck XL below the ATEM if you're using it with Companion.

Fits a Decksaver on top

Protect your ATEM Mini with a Decksaver cover on top. Keeps the dust off while not in use, and prevents your cat from stepping on the buttons during a stream.

Matches the ATEM Mini Extreme

The new design of the PK1 Pro MKII sets the ATEM Mini at the same angle as the ATEM Mini Extreme stand.

Add 3 extra inputs to the YoloBox

Add 3 extra HDMI inputs to the YoloBox Pro with the ATEM Mini. The YoloBox fits nicely on the top of the stand with the SmallRig monitor mount and cheese bar.

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This product has been discontinued and may no longer be available from the retailers below.

Custom Faceplates

The MKII stand can be customized with your name on a face plate!

How it works:

Recommended Mounting Brackets

Here's a list of the Smallrig mounting brackets that the ATEM Mini stand is designed to fit

Smallrig Cheese Bar 1091
Smallrig Monitor Mount 1842
Smallrig Cheese Plate 1598
Smallrig Cheese Bar 1091
Smallrig SSD Holder
Flexible USB-C Cable

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Decksaver Cover

What's New with the MKII?

Here's a list of the significant changes from the original PK1 Pro stand compared to the PK1 Pro MKII.

  • The design better matches the PK1 Extreme stand.
  • Contains mounting holes for the retaining clips and rear support feet.
  • The top bar is easier to assemble, using a new slide-in square nut instead of the awkward hex nut.
  • The top bar is stronger, to better support heavier 7-8" devices like the YoloBox Pro and Blackmagic Video Assist.
  • The top bar is square with the base instead of at an angle.
  • The top bar fits a decorative name plate.
  • All PK1 Pro MKIIs sold are manufactured by Inux3D to ensure consistent quality and a fantastic unboxing experience.

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