Stand out
from the rest

PK1 Mic Flag

Your voice is powerful, but with a custom branded microphone flag, your brand becomes unforgettable. In a world of noise and competition, it's crucial to make your mark and stand out from the crowd.

You need a custom branded microphone flag for your next event, podcast, or interview using the R�DE Wireless GO or R�DE Wireless ME.

Advertise YOU

Put YOUR logo on your microphone, not R�DE's logo! Do you want to advertise your own brand or advertise what gear you're using? Cover up the huge R�DE logo with your own.

Stand Out

A customized microphone flag is a powerful tool that gives your brand a unique and professional appearance. It captures attention and ensures your audience knows exactly who's running the show. Don't blend in with the crowd, amplify your presence and make a statement.

Be Recognizable

Consistent branding across all platforms is essential for growing and maintaining brand recognition. A custom mic flag featuring your logo, colors, and design elements reinforces your brand identity and establishes a memorable connection with your audience.

Boost Credibility

Using a custom branded microphone flag communicates professionalism and expertise, positioning you as a reliable and trustworthy source. Show the world that you mean business and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Generate Buzz

A visually appealing and unique microphone flag will not only catch the eye of your audience, but also encourage them to talk about your brand. This creates a ripple effect, expanding your reach and attracting new followers and customers.

Carbon Fiber Look

Want a plain look? Our vinyl carbon fiber sticker covers the R�DE logo to quickly get rid of the R�DE branding.

Preview Your Custom Logo

First, download our Photoshop template and place your artwork on the placeholder layer. Export a png image and upload it below to see how it looks on the microphones!

Download PSD Template

If you're using the R�DE Wireless ME, then you can ignore the receiver preview, since both the transmitter and receiver of the ME fit the square artwork and don't have a screen.

  • Transmitter Artwork
  • Receiver Artwork

Dimensions: 1098x1098px

Download your cropped artwork after you preview it here so you can upload the exact dimensions needed for production! Make sure you upload your custom image when you place your order with your retailer! This tool is just to preview it!

Note: This image is for illustration purposes only. The final product may have slight variations compared to what you see in this preview, and should look even better!

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